REST framework includes support for customizable pagination styles. This allows you to modify how large result sets are split into individual pages of data.

The Trakstar Hire API provides a wealth of information for developers to consume. Most of the time, you might even find that you're asking for too much information, and in order to keep our servers happy, the API will automatically paginate the requested items.

All requests that return multiple items will be paginated to 20 items by default. This can be changed by specifying a limit parameter with a maximum of 100. To specify which page, use the offset parameter.

Example scenario:

If you have a total of 40 records and they are paginated with a page size of 10 (i.e. limit=10). The first page will be offset=0 by default. You will need to make subsequent requests by incrementing the offset by 10 each time.


Paginating a list of candidates by fetching 20 items per page