Opening Object Schema

The Opening object contains the details of an opening.

FieldField TypeDescription
idIntegerUnique identifier for this opening object.
title StringName of the opening. E.g. "Software Engineer" or "Project Manager"
description StringA more detailed description about the opening.
teamStringThe name of the team within the organization who is hiring for this opening.

E.g. "Sales and Marketing" or "Engineering".
stateStringCurrent state of the opening. Possible values - "Draft", "Published Internally", "Published", "Not accepting candidates", "Archived"
position_type StringAn enumeration that can have any of the values contract, full_time, part_time
is_remote_allowedBooleanWhether the position allows working remotely. StringCity of the opening location
location.state StringState of the opening location
location.zipcode StringZipCode of the opening location StringCountry of the opening location
is_privateBooleanWhether this opening is published on the job site
hosted_urlStringTrakstar Hire allows you to create a branded careers site for your organization. This field gives you the URL of the Opening within the careers site.
is_privateBooleanIndicates whether this opening is marked as a private opening.

For more details refer to [this Trakstar Hire features page on Private openings
application_emailStringTrakstar Hire allows you to add candidates to an opening by sending the candidate resumes to an email address.
is_archivedBooleanTrakstar Hire allows you to archive an opening, once you are done hiring for it. This field indicates whether the field is archived.
created_dateDatetimeTimestamp of when the opening details were created
modified_dateDatetimeTimestamp of when the opening details were last modified.
stagesArrayList of stages (id, name & type of stage) configured in the Hiring Workflow for a particular opening. E.g. Screening, Telephone Interview, Make Offer etc.
application_form_fieldsArrayList of configured questions that an applicant will have to answer while applying via the Trakstar Hire-hosted careers page. (link to which is available in the hosted_url field)
additional_fieldsArrayList of additional fields and their corresponding values

Example Opening Object