Fetch all interviews and related details

idIntegerUnique ID for this record
titleStringTitle for the interview E.g. Phone Interview with Noemi McGrath
descriptionStringSome description for the interviewer(s)
timeTimestampDate and Time of interview
durationIntegerDuration of interview in minutes
locationStringPlace of interview E.g. 3rd Floor Cafeteria
typeObjectSome metadata containing interview information E.g.
{name: "Phone", metadata: {phone_number: "+1-39834 343"}
candidateObjectDetails of the candidate
created_byObjectDetails of user who created this interview
date_createdTimestampDate when this interview was created
is_privateBooleanWhether this interview is private
is_cancelledBooleanWhether this interview was cancelled
inviteesArrayList of details of participants (interviewers)
messagesArrayList of messages in the conversation thread for a particular interview