Fetch internal notes around candidates. i.e. Conversation between users on a candidate profile. This is different from candidate messages, where the candidate is also involved in the conversation.

Internal Notes Schema

FieldField TypeDescription
idIntegerUnique ID of the conversation thread
recipientsArrayArray of objects containing name and email of all participants in a conversation
[`{name: "", email: ""}...]`
messagesArrayContains all messages in a conversations
candidateObjectInfo about the candidate. For now, contains unique ID.
is_privateBooleanSpecifies whether this conversation was marked as private.

Schema for individual messages in a conversation

FieldField TypeDescription
senderObjectProvides name and email of sender in the format {name:"", email: ""}
subjectStringSubject of message
bodyStringContent of message
dateDateTimeTimestamp when message was sent
attachmentsArrayArray of objects of the format {file_name: "", url: ""}